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We evaluate business opportunities for you, and present you the world as a market and business opportunities. AKDAN offers its vast experience in international markets and its relations with solution partners as a consultancy service.

Akdan Danışmalık A.Ş.

About Us

Akdan Consultancy a management consultancy company that has been serving public, civil society and private sector institutions in national and international markets since 1995. We have a vast experience in terms of the institutions we have served and the number of projects we have implemented. We have adopted a business approach that aims to succeed and make a difference with our customers, employees and solution partners.

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Foreign Trade Consultancy

We Evaluate Business Opportunities in the World for You We present the world as markets and business…

Company Valuation, Acquisitions and Mergers

AKDAN has special expertise in company valuation in accordance with international standards. The company…

Feasibility Consultancy

It is a consultancy service that offers economic, technical and financial analyzes for each sector.…

R&D Consultancy

Nowadays, the concepts of efficiency, added value and sustainable competition are a necessity for the…

Financial Consultancy

During the investment of your company, Akdan Consultancy informs you about the financing opportunities…

KOSGEB Consultancy

KOSGEB SupportsSMEs that produce innovative, technological and high value-added products, want to carry…

Entrepreneurship Consultancy

Since 1995, AKDAN Consultancy has established centers of entrepreneurship, provided trainings, prepared…

TUBITAK Project Consultancy

Government agencies support all scientists, entrepreneurs and investors with incentives so that Turkish…

Rural Development Consultancy

Countries that produce their own raw materials are always in an advantageous position in the world,…

EU Funded Projects

ERASMUS+AKDAN Consultancy organizes life-changing training courses and on-the-job practices for youth,…



Nilüfer Arıak - Akdan Danışmanlık

Nilüfer Arıak (Founder)

Nilüfer Arıak, graduated from the Department of Economics and Statistics of METU in 1974, has post-graduate studies at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences. She served as the general manager and chairman of the board of directors in the finance sector in Turkey and abroad. She still continues her duties as chairman and member of the board of directors in various companies. Nilüfer Arıak resigned from the position of director general of a bank in 1995 and started her own business. During her duties, she was involved in the investment process of nearly 500 enterprises, and provided consultancy and coaching for many SMEs on finance and foreign trade innovation. She organized trainings for more than 10,000 students on nearly 20 different subjects, especially R&D entrepreneurship. She provides consultancy to public, private and non-governmental organizations with the financing opportunities of international grant institutions. She gave lectures on "innovation" in the PhD program of METU Institute of Science and Technology. She gave R&D lessons concerning EURAXESS Researcher Career Skills for Career Development (PIPERS) Project and HORIZON programme in TUBITAK.

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